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7×09 and 7×10 promo pictures and description

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Jan. 11th, 2011 | 02:32 am
posted by: fircyca in spencerfans

When a man (guest star Matthew Lillard, L) risks his life to save a stranger, then suddenly collapses, Chase (Jesse Spencer, C) and Masters (Amber Tamblyn, R) work to diagnose his symptoms in the "Larger Than Life" episode of HOUSE airing Monday, Jan. 17

Chase (Jesse Spencer) tries to figure out who posted a disparaging photo of him on a social-networking site in the "Carrot or Stick" episode of HOUSE airing Monday, Jan. 24.

from here and here

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Here they are in a little larger size

from: soophelia
date: Jan. 11th, 2011 03:16 am (UTC)

Chase still looks hot!

Source: SpoilerTV

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